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GCh Stonepointe Final Voyage JH NA CGC TDI AOM
" Journey"
 M-BISS Am/Int'l Ch Pirok Kannon JH "Kannon" x Ch Nikki's Magic Feather Cloud JH ROM "Nikki"
OFA: Hips Good; Elbows: Normal; Heart: Normal; Eyes: Normal; Thyroid: Normal
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Journey's Son
BISS GCh Stardust N Stonepointe's Legendary Journey CA 
"Journey" x "Ava" (Ch Stonepointe's Power of Persuasion)
Pennhip: .21/.22 >90th Percentile 
OFA: Hips Good; Elbows: Normal; Eyes: Normal; Heart: Normal; Thyroid: Normal
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Journey's Grandson

Bronze Gch Stardust's Don't Stop Believin' JH N-JAM
Ch Tivoliz Pursuit of Justice SH "McCoy" x Ch Lostcreeks Treasured Journey JH ROM
 OFA: Hips Good
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Located Northern Oakland County



Vizsla Club of America

Vizsla Club of Michigan

Miami Valley Vizsla Club

 National Beagle Club of America

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